HEKAS Cuckoo clocks – A tradition in perfection

In the past, the people who lived in the Black forest had to look for another source of income, because their usually very large families could not be fed with the meager agricultural harvests.
So in about 1640 they started – long before Karl Benz built his first motorized carriage – with the production of simple wooden clocks that could initially only display the time with one hand. About 100 years later, the first cuckoo clock was made in the Black forest, and in the next few decades they would become an incredible success in the whole world and soon gave work and bread to thousands of people.

Traditional clock making has remained until today in the Black forest area mainly in the towns of Triberg, Schoenwald, Furtwangen, St. Georgen and in the area around Neustadt …

… and of course *in Schonach, where since 1938 cuckoo clocks have been hand made by

We make sure that you receive a genuine Black Forest clock!

With a HEKAS cuckoo clock you have chosen a real Black forest cuckoo clock. The seal of the Black Forest Clock Association (VdS) guarantees the origin, quality and the traditional mechanical movement from the Black Forest.

Certificate genuine Black Forest cuckoo clock