Since 1938 HEKAS cuckoo clocks have been made in the Black Forest

Since 1938 HEKAS cuckoo clocks have been made in the Black forest
The HEKAS company was founded in 1938 by Helmut Kammerer. In 1981 the management of the company was transferred to Rolf Kammerer, who in the third generation has been supported since 1998 by Uwe Kammerer.

As one of the few manufacturers, we can offer the full range of Black forest clocks – from the souvenir range to high-quality cuckoo clocks in different versions. We have our own carpentry for the housing production and the production of blanks for carving, so that we can ensure that the clocks are all produced in the Black Forest.

As in the past, the wood carving is done by highly skilled and experienced master craftsmen. This guarantees that all HEKAS clocks are handmade.

It goes without saying that we constantly focus all our attention on the perfect quality of our products. We guarantee that each clock is hung up and checked for 12 to 24 hours before we send it out.

Due to this fact, and thanks to the wide range of over 500 different models, we have forged an excellent reputation for ourselves within the clock industry. We export our products regularly to over 40 countries in all parts of the earth.

Uwe Kammer
Uwe Kammerer & Leo Kammerer

Uwe Kammerer is a trained wood mechanic and toolmaker. When he successfully completed his professional training, he attended the School of Clockmaking in Furtwangen. Not least thanks to his training, we are able to expand our program through new and innovative product designs and to adapt them to the respective customer requirements.

HUBERT HERR cuckoo clocks

In 2020 we, the watch manufacturer Helmut Kammerer Schonach, took over the traditional company Hubert Herr from Triberg with its brand names. We are therefore entitled to sell HeKaS watches under the name Hubert Herr.

The Hubert Herr company can also look back on a very long tradition in the manufacture of original Black Forest cuckoo clocks. We are therefore certain that the synergy effect of the two traditional companies HeKaS and Hubert Herr will ensure a long-term existence on the world market.

We strive to continue the good name of Hubert Herr in the same way as HeKaS watches to our customers.

HUBERT HERR cuckoo clocks